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Friday, September 30, 2011

Trigger Time

   Finished my week of work yesterday morning (0800) and after a hour and change of drive time I was home.  It has been raining off and off for a week here in Raggedass, and ground is saturated.  To top it all off it's still cloudy and humid. The lawns here in Ranchero de Doublewide look like small Hay meadows.  But too wet to mow.  Hell does guy need more excuses than that to go play. I think not!
  Last week I drove to Norfolk and visited Bob's Gun shop and picked up a new toy. If you are into guns and firearms Bob's is one of those must stop places. With a firing range on site. I went from there and drove to a secluded location and met some friends and was able to fire a handful of ammo out of this toy. Since then some asscessories have arrived and I have installed them.  I have a few more to add, possibly starting tomorrow.
  I arrived to the range to find all the bays occupied. After a short wait one of the shooters loaded up and departed. I was able to set in and get started. He had left almost a untouched FBI Bowling Pin target up. On the 50 yard stake, perfect for what I wanted. So waiting for a cease fire wasn't needed. I was able to check out several things with this weapon I hadn't checked out the previous week. First the Modified Marlin Camp 45/1911 14 round mag. The mods I had learned about on YouTube from Paulswackyworld.  My work needs a little tweaking but it does work. Secondly the reloads I threw together last week. Lead cast ball rounds 230 grain, over Alliants Power Pistol powder. I will need to back down the powder charge on them. They were loaded with in the specs of the Alliant recommendations but seemed a little stout, compared to factory loads I had brought along. Thirdly how would factory ammo especially JHP's cycle. Jacket ball ammo also known as Winchester White Box cycled flawlessly. I had read and visited YouTube reviews saying that jacketed Hollow Points were an issue. I run several magazines threw no issues. Some of these were bought Hornaday XTP ammo and the others were TC JHP 230 grain loads I had built for my 1911's for those SHTF appoctoplictic days when the Zombies invade and breed to pumpkins and melons. These to also cycled flawlessly.
   The weapon of choice has been the HiPoint 4590 carbine. If your looking for a new toy, to add to the collection. These weapons that come in under 400 smackaroonies are well worth it. They are not what you would espect from Eugene Stoner but are priced a third less. Would I stack my life on one of these,Yes I would. However I keep a handgun or two nearby for protection. At least to give time to reach this or a shotgun. I seen several advantages to this weapon before even buying it. First pistol calibers .45-.40-9mm availability, do I need to say more about that? Price and it's made in the USA. Mostly if for some reason you would ever have to defend yourself, family, or your castle. You won't send a .308 or .223 round thru the target and three walls later hit your neighbor's child watching Sponge Bob. Yes I know I could pick up a tacticle Mossburg or other brand shotty for this price, and all of the same reasons. Insert smiley Icon here. YES you are right I can and have. But for the trenches on those gray days of horror when the Zombies invade I want something to send lead down range. Now the negative things have all been reported thru out the cyber world about them, most owners and bloggers agree the magazine capacity needs addressed. My biggest peave is the sling swivels mount on the wrong side for practical use.  I am sure I could find more negativity to add, but I don't have $1000 tied up in this one.
   All in all yesterday was a great day of course, a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work.  Maybe it will dry out enough to mow today, but it's dry enough now to reload. Mark thanks for your input on this one, and Roy thanks for the directions and meeting me at the secluded location.

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