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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remember this on election day

I can't urge anyone that visit's this page enough to express their freedom and VOTE! Before you go off mumbling well Romney payed less taxes than I did, remember he paid more taxes than you earned. If your still convinced he's not your choice then take a minute and read this.

Charlie Daniels 4m
Takes roughly 17 tax paying Americans to pay one government employee. What are we going to do when there's more of them than there is of us

Thanks CD and Conservativetreehouse.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sorry I Nearly Forgot

I bad!   Missed Tuesdays 2 fer's so that means I will have more the next time. To keep ya'll happy in the meantime.

Thanks Shaner

 Thanks Alex for all your hard work and research

Inflation and Shooting Sports

  Recently I bought some RWS 1075 percussion caps for my revolvers, When the clerk asked for a Jackson for the 2 100 cap tins. I about swallowed my snuff. Holy Hay-zus! that's a dime apiece. Reluctantly I paid it, however the more I thought about it the more I thought it was a damn crime. The shop where I bought them has an outdoor range. It's free to shoot there however, you must buy their ammo. So yes it is priced accordingly. Hey folks I don't want to shoot them there? I began bitching at several Gun related forums. Where I learned that the prices vary from area to area but start around $5.00 per hundred to around $7. With one other place I recall stat$10. I made arrangement a few days later to pick up some Black Powder from a dealer a hour or so away. Great guy has bulk prices doesn't care if you mix the grain sizes. I checked he sold the same caps when in stock for $6. per hundred and $56 per thousand. Little bit better. Black Powder shooters, check out Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester Va.
   Home and settled down some. I realize that the entire industry has had price increases over the past 4 or 5 years. Fear? Good marketing ploys? Shortages? man made or real? Hoarding (prepping)? The many wars our elected officials seem to keep us involved in?You pick the excuse. Lead sky rocketed in prices. Have you bought a car battery lately? Gun Powder of all types has doubled in most cases. Primers Up about 50% and would be higher if the dealers thought they could get away with it. Brass, and all the components, then the guns themselves. Guns have doubled in price also. Is this safe to keep buying will the prices top out and eventually fall to nothing like the housing market? Like precious medals have done.
   Since I don't cast, I shop the internet for the best prices on what ever bullet I need to stock up. I don't compete much anymore. However I still like to shoot and have such a wide variety of weapons to play with. I need to save a buck where I can to continue their enjoyment. If I can get  free shipping from one dealer or another then I jump on it. Still not a sure thing but, it gives you a mark to shoot for. Remember most on line companies charge shipping and some times Haz-Mat fees. I guess I need to start doing that with Percussion caps also.
   Drop in at the remarks section below and let me know the price on caps or primers in your area. Not asking where you live but, a general area would be nice.

  Hunting seasons are gearing up. Ya'll be safe out there. Don't be like this Goober