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Monday, June 4, 2012

How clean are your guns? #FrogLube part 2

How clean are your guns? #FrogLube Part 2, Rugers
   A couple of days ago I stated that I should clean up a pair of my cowboy action guns. Well I did.  Again I have torn them down a minimum amount of times to clean.  It’s really not much of a chore to tear them down. If it’s not broke why fix it? The Boresnake and some either, Hoppes#9 or Ballistol.  My normal method, run a Boresnake thru and a rag to wipe the excess off.   As you will see by the photographs they had been stained from a couple years of use. (New Model Vaqueros bought first year of production.) Well the carbon built up on the face shield especially around the firing pin vent and the face of the cylinder and forcing cone area. Though I was not able to get all of the black carbon off the cylinders I was able to remove all but a few specs on the frame. Funny I just compared them to another Stainless one I use for #chutin’ Black Powder Cartridges with, it is not stained at all. <These I shoot more often.  I have now re-assembled both after a coat of #FrogLube.  I am now ready to rock ‘em. Hopefully I can get to a range here in the next couple of days and use a few of these and get some notes. Unfortunately I don’t have the private “compound” that Hickok45 and FPSRussia some of the other You Tubers have for their use.  So I am at the mercy of paying for range time or buying over priced ammo. Like real guys have to do. 

    I did get to the range on Saturday however I only shot my 1911- Glock22 and my Hi Point 4595. Since this was the indoor range and I did not have any FMJ ammo for my Rugers they stayed at home. I can tell you the 1911 was a breeze cleaning it up. Quite frankly I could have shot it another day with out cleaning it. The other two also got a #FrogLube treatment. They were a bit dirtier. I am going to post a few before and after photo’s of the Rugers and when I do get them out I’ll be sure to get some more . That can be used for comparison. In the meantime I’ll also continue using the 1911 and possibly work her a little harder next outing.




Jimmie Johnson dominates the Monster Mile

Johnson wins his 7th at Dover, tying the record  with Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. After a 13 car accident takes out defending champion Tony Stewart 390 miles earlier. Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Clint Bowyer rounded out the top five. Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson.