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Monday, September 24, 2012

Range day

  Spent a couple hours at the range this morning. Sorted some things out with my deer rifle and tried a new load in my 1895 Marlin cowboy .45-70. I also played with my little pocket gun. Without getting into a rant I picked up left over trash and brass that other shooters decide to leave laying. I was also able to recover easily about half pound of lead. Without digging the berms or sifting dirt. I don't cast, but I am going to investigate doing so this next few months.

   The .30-30 loads I made earlier I found a chamber problem with due to improper sizing. I have shot the last of them now and can start over. Performance wise there is nothing wrong with them.  The .45-70 loads were some 550 grain cast loads I picked up at the Gunshow. I had been loading some 405 and 390 grainers, with both Black Powder and smokeless. Finding smokeless run about equal to slightly better in this gun. These 550 grain slugs were supposedly made to run around 1400 fps, I did not have access to a chrony so can only go by what the dealer told me.I can attest, they are at the my threshold for recoil. I am certain Rogue elephants and bison should beware of them. The remainders will be stored for such targets.

  My little project pocket pistol "Little E" out performed me today. I love the way it handles.

  This is the second consecutive time I have gone to the range and picked up other trash. I don't get it! Pick your shit up and place it in the barre. Better yet take it home with you.

  So get the week started right here's what most of you come here for.