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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

   The official end of summer 2012 is upon us. Buffett played at the "Lube" Saturday. The highway near here is packed with Northern States license plates. As they scurry back to places no one really wants to vacation at. Yesterday spent some time in the Heat and Humidity shooting and stopped for some local flair on the way home. Today I spent working on projects and doing my housework and cooking. It's only September and there's plenty of good weather still to come before the dark of winter.
   I recently needed to make a decision on vehicles. Fix or replace? I decided to downsize somewhat and replace. The engine in my beloved F150 had 250K and finally expired. It looks nice yet and with someone with skills they should be able to have it back on the road in a couple of days. So now it has sat in the driveway for a month. Today I placed an ad at Craigslist. literally in minutes I had responses to the ad. Of course he was a dealer, like a Horse dealer they want to grab as quick as they can to maximize their profits and keep the next dealer from getting it. Sorry Amigo it's not my first Rodeo. You want pictures look at the ad, I placed several. Not too worried about him had 4 calls the first hour of the ad. To maximize response I also offered to trade. Besides cash and horses <( I don't need one thank you) there are only two other things I like. Liquor is not one of them. Think title of BLOG. At work, I have openly stated, that my Supervisor were just Used Car Salesman. Like lawyers and many cops and congressmen, are they all that blatant, that you can pick them out of a crowd. We use to call horse dealers "Pen Hookers" or "Gypsies" always had a trick up their sleeve and should never be trusted. Now a days you need to habla a second language to keep them from trying to sneak up on ya. That's enough bitchin'.
  The past few weekends have been hot and humid and  as I mentioned earlier. With some thunderstorms thrown in just to stir it up. However it had not deterred this old man from getting out to the range. I don't know if I will be able to say that in January or Feb.We will see. In the meantime I have been setting some projects up for then. Keeping the dust outside. What kind of projects. For one I have a Frankengun I am working on and I hope to have finished and range results by the years end. Along with some video taping, couple other things as well.  Keep an eye on this space.I'm kinda of a tard when it comes to uploading so I am learning.  In the meantime enjoy the eyecandy. See ya at the range.