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Friday, May 18, 2012

Anna Chapman display

 Today marks the day the Sexy Spy Anna Chapman's spy tools go on display in the Discovery Time Square Included are her laptop and a Chanel  handbag with Wi-Fi capabilities. Which reportedly cost $2800.  Maxim magazine has done a powerful job displaying Ms. Chapman. It would be hard to impress me now Discovery

Maxim we thank you

Today is my day off. Do I want to to go fishing or to the range? Maybe a drive to the lake? So many options.

Too many choices

Barry and Eric's 5 must haves

I really have a lot of respect for these two guys. they have a no nonsense opinion to firearms and handling of them. They also prove over and over you don't need a ton of cash to achieve superior firepower. I would have to agree with their choices. What do you think?