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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super Bowl sneek preview

Thanks E

Kate Upton is my favorite Blonde I couldn't help myself when I seen this today. Not going to make me want a Mercedes or even wash one. She still my favorite.

Fast n Furious or a PD Fuck up?

you call it.

From the Virginia Pilot On Line

Lots of un-answered questions here.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Your rights

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

First day at the range for 2013

  I know I know I should be ashamed of myself. Today was maybe the nicest January day I can remember. I've been a few of them. and the memory thing maybe effected because of that.  I got there early thinking I'd be done before anyone else got there. Yeah right! Northern Virginia and it's sunny and nearly 50°.  What i like to refer to as morning coffee with friends could have been nicer. Took a couple familiar friends and a couple I haven't had out in awhile.

.38 spl S&W and S&W "Safety" or "Lemon Squeezer".32 cal.

This should have been a 2 to the head 

Not in the picture is my Springfield 1911 the one I refer to as my BBQ Gun and my Stoeger  Coach gun. This was my first SASS shotgun. Ran some muscle memory with the revolver and the 1911. Then loaded the little pocket friend with some Black Powder ammo I had put together 5 or 6 years ago for this one. This little gun amazes me how accurate it is at the distance I have shot it. Today about 12 paces in front of the bench. I fired 11 rounds at the center mass they all hit the target. Over all I had only one round I don't one to take claim for. I had also taken the Coach gun along to try out some exotic rounds that I have been picking up from SRP Enterprises of Portsmouth Va. you can reach him at . Today's loads were called Hog Hunters/Killers they were basically  I believe are 2- 50 caliber balls with 3-00 buck in each. I had shot some thru my old model 500 with the field barrel a few weeks back and thought they were pretty good. I wanted to see how they would vary with the much shorter barrels. The Stoeger has just the barrel choked Mod and Imp cylinder tubes. No screw in's. Some folks don't like the double barrel I believe it is because they have always shot a pump and have never took time to learn how to use a double. These rounds preformed excellent. I would highly recommend them for there intended use and other. I also think I prefer these over the tradition rifled slug or a round ball load and straight  00 Buck. I will try some of the additional SRP ammo at another time. Their a little on the spendy side but I think this an ammo you can count on. Then report on them. Again the target was only 12 paces in front of the bench. Being a lazy ass, I never moved it again and did not set out multiple targets like I do most days. This is just a standard IDPA target with band aids covering the other holes form the earlier shooting I have attached a link to the video. I received   a new camera for Christmas and set it up on a small tripod and shot the video. The second one was a after thought. Video production is new to me and hope to play with it more this year. I have 4 cams here that record videos.

I will be picking my 1860's, back up in a couple of weeks and I am going to be giving my first try at a double action competition in the next few weeks. Hope to be able to report more then in the mean time. In the meantime, enjoy this great weather. Get to the range get out and catch some strippers. Football is nearly over so turn the TV off.

BTW the Seachickens suck.

My Top 5 for the SHTF or what ever else that might happen

My Top 5
First let me wish everyone a Happy Prosperous New Year. This has been my first day off since the first. So the morning at the range was my first check on the list of things to do. It's now dark and it was time for me to finish this up and post it.

   I have watched an endless amount of Video and read blogs on the top 5 guns for the SHTF- Apocalypse situation or home defense and survival scenarios or worst yet a gun ban. First let me say all the ones I have watched have been interesting and I don’t always agree with the choices of the authors. However it is their individual selections and most defend or explain their choices. So before I become retentive with others selection. I set some criteria with my selections. The choices I make will first off be the only five you could have. Not what I necessarily already own. I will attempt to not allow that to sway my choices. Remember as of the time of this post I am not treated with author weapons and other toys to play with. Hey! Not that I wouldn't gladly critique them and put some thru a test. I can make arrangements for that at any time some one like Ruger or Smith- Stoner- Remington- Uberti want to help me out? Any of the others not mention. In the meantime there is no outside influence of the selection. My criteria 1) the only five you can have. 2) Why I think they are needed i.e.: hunting- defense and reliability etc.3) Individual capabilities 4) User friendliness (is that a word?) 5) Cost and cost to use or maintain.

11)      Marlin/Glenfield model 60 .22 rifle;  I am sure many will disagree, this is my choice and blog. The reason I picked this one falls well in my set criteria. Over all cost there were gazillion of these that were made and can be found at a reasonable price, .22 long rifle ammo can be bought at Wal-mart how much more convenient could that be? Even with them being semi- auto they are still a simple weapon to operate and most new shooters can master it in a short period of time. I can hear many of you already saying it is well under powered. Is it really? Some say the .30-30 is responsible for killing more deer than any other weapon. Since it illegal in most areas to hunt deer with, we will never know the true number the .22 is responsible for harvesting. However deer and elephants are better hunted with other weapons. However small game can feed you and your family pretty easily. A fairly quite weapon, so the stealth factor is built in. They are also easy to maintain.

22)      Ruger GP 100/SP100 in .357 cal.This can be bought with numerous barrel lengths and optional grip styles.(See picture in number 3) Again availability from new or old it’s hard not to find one in any giving gun shop- gun show or on line trader. Winning in the reliability and the defense category. This double action piece is user friendly, is great for the expert shooter or the beginner. CCW or open carry or in the night stand or glove box. In .357 cal for defense and able to use .38 spl. For target shooting and or even hunting. This is a low cost ammo (lower compared to some), and easily reloaded at even lower cost. I know that there are revolvers by other companies that are cheaper and some more expensive. That some others prefer. My choice is based on the Ruger reliability and over all purchase cost.  This weapon is carried by many Security companies thru out this area. Reason? Dependability and COST.
33)     Marlin 1894c in .357/38 preferably an older model minus the cross bolt safety. I know many of think this is too “Old School”. First this is a great companion carbine to go with the pistol.  Caliber’s is the same, making bulk purchases of ammo or reloading sensible. If you reload some pretty stout hunting loads can be developed. Capacity is 10 .38 spl and 8 .357 rounds. With a moderate rate of fire. In a novice like my own hands. Very simple to operate and maintain. Including repairs This can be a low budget option for all your close to middle range weapon. This is the one I am going to have to admit of owning. That said I have several other lever action guns. This would be the one I would keep if the time came I needed to get rid of all but one. I've made many accurate 100 yard shots with reloads from this weapon. Down side to reloading this one is not a speed demon however with some practice you can learn to reload it at a decent rate. In my case I’ll take the accuracy over the speed. This weapon can easily be modified with a scope or peep sights.

44)    Mossberg 500 and or 550
This weapon again fits and excels in all of my stated criteria. I am sure a novice would easily start off with a single barrel, single shot shotgun and could learn to use it, or even a double barrel. However these weapons are easily learned by any one needing weapon for any of the scenarios previously mentioned. Ammo can range from hunting loads from Wal-mart at less than 40 bucks for the 8 pack (200 rounds) to a buck a shot for hunting and defense loads. Shells are easily reloaded with a minimum of tools and equipment. Projectiles for the loads are not limited to shot or buck and ball. Mossberg like the others listed here make a very reliable weapon and are used by the Military and LEO’s and civilians all over the world. Again there were millions of these produced. It can and will keep you and your family fed and will protect you as well. There are many configurations and optional styles readily available and kits for the DIY selfer’s. When the job absolutely needs to get done this is the choice.
Before I give you my last choice, I like to say I think these 4 would be absolutely what I needed. I have traveled entire Montana hunting seasons as a packer with no more than a .22 revolver in my saddle bag. So if cash is the issue, remember you don’t need to go mortgage the homestead or run your credit cards to the brink. To get that little extra bit of security.  You can always hunt with a bow and learn to build traps for small game to feed your self with. Which aren't bad skills to learn as it is. You can build hog traps or snares and box traps for grouse pheasants and rabbits the like. I would also like for you to not rule out the use of a muzzle loading rifle or revolvers. If and when the government turns, and it will, we will all be rouge. Acquiring and storing supplies will be hard to do. Black powder can be made in your back yard and casting your own lead for these is fairly simple also.  Visit my friend brushhippie’s YouTube videos. Now on to number 5.

55)      Your probably think I ate the mushrooms on this one. My final choice is actually a draw. Both choices are becoming harder to find. However these are the guns, I chose. I feel you could cosmoline up and bury for that SHTF scenario. They both could be used for self defense and survival hunting. Either the Springfield Scout or the H&R Topper Over under rifle shotgun combo. These came in variety of caliber with a 20 gauge barrel on top. The scout below is in .410. Unfortunately I was unable to steal a picture of one to add to this. I have added the “Scout”. This gives you that last chance when you take to the woods, or just for carrying while you backpack the wilderness.  If you got one of these for sale let me know. BTW at the last Gunshow the one I could fine was overpriced has everything else there. They are still available.

I would like to hear what you all think would be your top 5 choices using this criteria. 

thanks Jenny -94 marlin