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Friday, May 11, 2012

Legendary Icon Passes

DALLAS — Carroll Shelby, the legendary car designer and champion auto racer who built the fabled Shelby Cobra sports car and injected testosterone into Ford's Mustang and Chrysler's Viper, has died. He was 89.
Shelby's company, Carroll Shelby International, said Friday that Shelby died the night before at a Dallas hospital. Doctors have not released a cause of death.
"We are all deeply saddened, and feel a tremendous sense of loss for Carroll's family, ourselves and the entire automotive industry," said Joe Conway, president of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. and board member. "There has been no one like Carroll Shelby and never will be. However, we promised Carroll we would carry on, and he put the team, the products and the vision in place to do just that."

   Your legend will Live in The Cobra... RIP

News exerted from Comcast Enews

Wild West weekend and fishing too?

  This weekend is the “Smoke on the Mattaponi V” located near West Point Va. The Virginia State SASS Black Powder match.  I have not competed there the past 2 years. Not that I was ever a contending threat for the Championship. However it was something I was passionate about. So my Cowboy duds are laid out. Hell yes I can still get into them. Got the guns out dusted off checked and some “Gun Butter” applied. Did an ammo count and have plenty to spare.  The weather guessers are calling for a great weekend. So it looks good. No wild crazy looking Black Guns- belt feds. Just some finely tuned Single Actions and Marksman. Yet there are several you will swear are shooting Semi Auto’s but, not so.  By this time tomorrow I will do a final check of gear and load the essentials out in the war wagon. Leaving the firearms till departure time. It’s funny I carry more to a single day match than a real cowboy carried his entire life.  No matter how many times I try to lighten the load I still think I need to carry it with me.  I would really like to take a Camera and tri pod but I won’t have time to use it. When I return and post pictures they will be credited to others, as most I post here.
   So if you think the eye candy has slowed down for a day or so I am sorry, I promise to make up for it the first of the week. Then get back into the Horses, Pimilco is just around the corner. I have also been neglecting NASCAR. Maybe some fishing too? So I will get back into that also.   What ever ya’ll are doing this weekend keep it safe and between the ditches. 

Oh Yeah I said Fishing Too

Have a good weekend