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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doomsday are you worried?

No I am not, however I may one Gunowner that is not.   I was told a long time ago don't worry about shit till you step in it.  IMHO I think "prepping" has done more to boost gun sales and inflated ammo prices than politicians, or the fear of politicians.  The ladder being a prepping cause.  Today while waiting out side the Gunshow for my friend I watch the line grow prior to the opening bell. The masses lined up along a street and waited patiently for the door to open and pay their addmisson.   Dreaming of quanities and special bargins bounced thru there heads as they waited. Their trades in boxes and slung over their shoulders they marched in.   tom showed up about when half the line got thru. So we joined them and finally reached the door to pay.  Carts and buggies of all types clog the aisles as buyers barter the best prices.  I want to know what is it that makes these gunshows so successful? What drives people to wait in line like they were giving free Bruce Springsteen tickets away.  Tell me what you think.

Sorry my phone camera sucks