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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snack Time

Thanks Melissa

New SASS costumed class


Okay Try this again

I was gettijng tired of the many forums I was visiting. I am not big on social networking so i thought I'd try a BLOG. Somewhere where my friend colleges and family might check in or post. I won't police this you will be responsible adults. That adults being said, espect adult language and situtations. If you are easily offended by the death penalty, swear words and or nudity keep moving this will be no interst to you. I beleive in the freedom of speech just be able to back up what you say.  We are adults and we don't need to pound our chest or boke anothers.

  feel to talk about guns pretty ladies racin (NASCAR drags or Horses ) and your favorite beverages even if it doesn't have a liquor stamp on the container feel free to comment or post.

I am sure I'll have to work some bugs out as i go Please be patient......Thanks  the other RC