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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Belmont-Pocono 400- Hot Weekend Hot Babes.

 144th of the Belmont stakes running later today and the hopes of a new Triple Crown winner shattered. However the remaining 11 entries will enter the gates when the horn plays. A horse and owner will end up a Million dollars richer. Currently I  would have to go with Dullahan to win. However that is just me. Place your Bets, pour yourself a cool beverage and .enjoy.  Dullahan currently 9 to 5  was 5 to 1.

  The Pocono 400 will run this weekend. For the first time can be followed on Twitter. Minus Kurt Busch. Yes this race will survive. Can Kurt Busch?  Is he worth the save? 14 car's suspensions and fines. I am pretty sure my boss would have sent me down the road, walking. Kurt I hope you can turn it around.

Locally the Gun Show is going on several shooting matches. There's also a Hot Rod and Muscle car show. Not that it matters it's a hot weekend and that means there will be plenty to raise your tempature.  Watching the highway at this early time the civilian navy are running to the local lakes and out to the Chesapeake. You know that means plenty to look at. Enjoy your weekend 

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