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Monday, April 15, 2013

Accidents Deer and the Life of this gunblogger

...has been slow this past few weeks. Weather and work determines how much time I spend at the range. Cost and availability is a factor, but is a reasonable one. If I don't work it is a major factor. Two weeks ago today I was driving in the early morning darkness a large band or a small herd of deer ran across the road from the condo's where they were grazing to a city park. Damn I thought I had them clear when a smaller second group darted out. Obviously the slower part of the group. Well I nailed one. Now I have hunted deer in the past and have no issue harvesting one. I have had the misfortunes also to make contact on the roadways. So this did not make me nauseous or did I need professional consultations for the PTSD. Till a few hours later and the morning light illuminated the damage.

  A roll off was ordered and it was hauled to a Body shop near my residence and a person that I have dealt with in the past. Now the real issues begin. The good hands people at my Agency laugh ( No the agent really did) and with the given reply to me about why I could not have a rental. Which made absolutely no sense  So when I asked for the definition of the word collision he really laughed. Believe it when I say I went off on him.  A short while later the agent calls back, still not comfortable with me and again tries to tell me that comprehensive damage  will not cover a rental. He then went on and told me I had not the rental clause in my policy. Damn dude you could have said this from the start. The agent now tells me I am not a nice person. Yep your right I am not, I will be changing companies soon also. He also informs me the adjuster will show up some time between the next day Tues and Fri.  Great service. In the meantime the rental company is called. The cheapest possible vehicle is reserved. At my own expense.
  The next day I receive a call from Insurance carrier stating the adjuster would be stopping to appraise the damage in the afternoon and would call me before he got there. On my way home from the dreaded 4 letter word that gets in the way of my range time. I stop at the body shop to get my sunglasses and take a few more pic's. The appraiser is there and ready to total the vehicle. As most can tell there is damage however the airbag didn't deploy and I drove it to work a half a mile away. He is wanting to give me less than value on the vehicle. When I demand he fix it. The adjuster spent more time working this one and his body english told me didn't want to do this. He wanted the easy way out. He however did give me some help in a reduce rate with the Rental company. Still out of my pocket. Now two weeks later i sit here waiting for the call from the body shop saying I can get a ride over there to pick it up. the rental was returned on Friday when the jeep was suppose to be done.
  I know many of you have had similar experiences. I write this so to warn everyone of you to look over your policies and make sure you have the coverage you think you are paying for.

Deer run rampant in Fairfax County- Need some Chasing Tails here. This is next to the parking garage at work.

As I finish typing this up the body shop has called and said it's being washed and cleaned up and will be ready in an hour. I think I have said enough about my insurance companies issues, while I am not pleased with them. I will give kudos to the folks at Enterprise Rentals. The customers service there was outstanding. When they heard I had been in accident they were more than willing to give me the Insurance company rate for the rental.

I don't know if I will have time for some range activities today but the weekend is just a few days closer now. Thanks for stopping by.