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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Range report a afternoon at Blue Ridge Arsenal

  Wow! What a great afternoon. Shot indoors in which I really don't care for. Yet today I discovered it's Air Conditioned. What have I been thinking? This must also mean it's heated in  the winter. It's been several years since I have visited Blue Ridge Arsenal  Chantilly Va.  The first time there I was not impressed with the Gun/Pro shop. Like I said, I really don't care for shooting indoors. So I didn't make it a hurry back too. There was maybe a 20 minute wait for a lane, However they have some seating available and quite honestly I was surprised at the "scenery" coming and going in the shop. Their Pro shop and the range have under gone some improvements and I was pleased. I may have to spend a few more Saturday afternoons there. If your looking for a place to shoot check them out.
   I took 3 weapons with me today. My faithful Springfield 1911A1 except for the grips it is stock. This is the one I am using for the FrogLube test. I also had my Glock 22, my other carry weapon and my Hi Point 4595 carbine. Let me say this I LOVE 1911's everything about them, from the history to the feel of them in my hand. Their simple to maintain and there is a abundant wealth of parts and accessories for them. I also have a Kimber  Carry II which cost considerable amount more than the Springfield. It sits at home more often.  In my older years I am having some issues from many years of abuse and trauma to my bones and body. The constant recoil from the heavy loads of the 1911's and my 45 colt revolvers cause me some severe pain to my hands. In which the Doc has given me medication for the pain. So in the past 6 months or so I made a trade and ended up with a Glock 22 third gen, in 40 cal. 2 words to describe how I feel about this gun.. Me Likey !  Actually those are two words I thought I would never say about the Polymer framed weapon. Getting back on target with it, is so much easier and the recoil is so much easier on this old man. I don't have the large tight groups with it yet I do tire faster and get sloppy. Yet I have some two and three round burst intersecting each other.  Shooting reloads too boot. Don't stare at me like I am a pocessed demon, yes reloads.  The third weapon I took and everyone throws up there wooden crosses and gets their silver bullets ready. Is the Hi Point 4596, I have less than $400 in this weapon dressed up and ready for action.  It's hard to find a good Lever action carbine for that price. There are some limitations to this weapon. They are frikken heavy. I don't use the provided Mag carrier on the butt stock just to keep it light. I also dump the brass catcher often. Today since I was not shooting from a bench I took the bi-pod off.  Factory magazine capacity is only 9 rounds, you can modify 1911 extended mags and make them work, be prepared for trial and error. Some owners complain about cheek slap. Some owners of Mosin Nagant's complain they kick too much also. Girlie men I say. If you like your ladies on the thick side (all my weapons are ladies) the Hi Point maybe the weapon for you. It definitively is for under $400. For as far as shooting I have a wannbe ACOG scoped mounted to it. At 15 and at 20 yards both it was dead on!  The RO told me he thought I could shoot it in tighter groups. I am not complaining about the way it shot, as you will see by the pictures below. I have cleaned everything except what brass I could recover. Gave the 1911 a FrogLube rubbed down. I will post some comments tomorrow on that.
   I have marked the different groups by what I had moved the target too. I also had the ability to turn the lights down in my lane. Get some practice at lower light levels was a nice touch.

Out of the Office doing R&D

R&D work this afternoon. Heading to indoor range I haven't been to any several years now.  Whatever your doing this weekend be safe at it. I have over a thousand views here now and I want to thank all who have visited.

Classic Firearm Video review from Mike Beliveau

    Bottom Dealin' Mike as known to the Cowboy world reviews one of the Classic Firearms of the Old West. The Smith and Wesson New model #3 in the classic .44 Russian cartridge. My favorite handgun caliber and one of my top five favorite handguns. Why it was not more popular than the 73 Colt SAA in it's day amazes me. In this Bloggers opinion. The shear ejection features and ease of loading far surpassed the Colt for military and law enforcement use.

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