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Monday, February 18, 2013

Chiappa 1911-22 review

First time out of the box.

stock footage

 Eight days ago when I bought this piece I thought this was great addition to my collection and ultimately a fun gun to shoot. That was before I went shopping for ammo. I had never thought I see the day a brick Of .22 ammo would be over $12., let alone a 100 rounds costing that much. So not to let this get into a rant and off subject. I will leave it at that. So taking the available ammo on hand and some I was able to secure at a local gun shop. I headed to the range this morning. It was right around 20° when I arrived sunny and just a slight wind at my back. The day did get warmer as it progressed. Even got a little mud on my Flip Flops.

  I have been admiring this gun for some time now. At the past couple of Gun shows at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly Va., Taylor's and Company have had them at their display. I have several Cowboy type pistols and a Rifle that came either directly from Taylor's or a distributor. They are one of the Top dealers in the US for Cowboy Action Shooting weapons. I learned form the staff that the Chiappa is American made, (Dayton Ohio) comes with a life time warranty. Accept for weight and magazines the gun ergonomically feels like the original patent of John Moses Browning. There is 2 models that I am aware of. Military a1 style and one with the skeltonized trigger and hammer and adjustable sights..I have the Military style and even thought it has the military style sights the rear one has some left right adjustment. I found it fits securely with out any modifications to my Blackhawk retention holster, the kydec holster Springfield sends with their's and my leather holster from King Ranch saddlery. Chiappa send 2 magazines with the gun along with the lock and key a safety flag for the range cleaning brush and a decent case. I picked up an additional magazine with my purchase and found the plastic magazine retailing over 20 bucks. It's just a carbon material I believe. Nothing fancy,and feel it maybe a little over priced.. If you are interested in this gun call the folks at Taylor's and Company,  

Taylor's & Company, Inc.
304 Lenoir Drive
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540.722.2017
Fax: 540.722.2018

  I shot around a hundred and seventy rounds today. Would have shot more if ammo was more readily available. I experience some problems with the load of ammo I had laying around for several years. Gave the problems to the ammo and reloaded with a fresher batch.  I then approached the firing line and began shooting. I found that on some occasions the ammo would not eject clearly from the chamber causing some problems. The instructional manual has a picture of the correct way the magazine should be loaded. With the bullet tips slightly angled upwards. However I did notice that the bullets seemed to jump out of the stack. They don't all lie perfectly on top of each other. Is the problem? I don't know. I will investigate it. more. I also don't know if I was limp wristing it or not. I want to say no I wasn't, but with the light recoil I may have been. Over all this little copy of my favorite pistol platform, felt great and was a joy to shoot. The smaller magazines were a bit to find the well with, but some dry fire practice at home should fix that. 

You will hear the new steel action targets I picked up off of E Bay.  When I move to the left out of the frame. This was the other newby I was reviewing today. I will post more later this week on them. I would have liked to film more but the cameras were all shutting down, before I could set things up. If any of you in the Northern Virginia want to film for me, I could arrange some range time for the effort. 

  As I stated above I was able to procure some ammo and had some stashed in different corners of the office. Not large amounts, I do not hoard ammo, I shoot it. I will tell you right now if you have any Aquiler's ammo save it for your revolvers. I did have a half of box of older CCI hollow point and a Box of 50 Winchester and 100 rounds of CCI both standard velocity bullets. I also had a magazine of misc rounds that need to be used or disposed of. Disposed of, would have been the the smarter options. I never attested to being a smart person. They did not cycle well but 8 out of 10 of them did go bang.

Overall I think this is a great plinking gun I may find out it is just a great gun after a few outings. Once a readily supply of ammo is available. It might even be fun to shoot some rabbits or squirrels with. I found without adjusting the sights I could take careful aim and put the it on the targets.  I will do some further R&D on this one in the coming weeks. Check back for more details.

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