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Monday, May 28, 2012

Product review FrogLube

FrogLube by CLP
  I recently purchased a small jar of FrogLube in a paste form. I was satisfied with the products that I have been using the past 5 years. Let me also add that I have had no problem with it. However I had been reading such great reviews on FrogLube, I decided to give it a try. Now before anyone ask or says it, I paid for this product. This was not a sample comp to me for the review. If you are not familiar with the product it comes in bottles or in jars. According to the manufacturers (CLP) it is all natural product—Non toxic and Environmentally Green.  It is also Green in color. Now I personally like the smell of Hoppes and Ballistol and Gun oil in general. I do believe the smell of FrogLube is quite pleasant and should not offend the women in your life. So I disassembled my 1911 and began rubbing it down. I generally just run a Bore Snake thru it and throw some lube in it after shooting. I don’t normally strip it down but a couple times a year. Maybe I should. So I now have some brushes and the cleaning solvent out, to scrub it down. Then I begin applying a coat of FrogLube.  After wiping down the excess, I notice the patch is black. So I rubbed a little more on it. I then wiped it off again removing more carbon film from the parts. This time I was more aggressive. Finally satisfied that my gun was clean I applied a thin coat and reassembled it.  I decided I would run a test on it till this time next year and periodically report back. I think I will also strip a pair of stainless revolvers I use for Cowboy Action Shooting down and see how it cleans them up. These have a nice carbon build up on the cylinders.  These guns would probably be a better test but since I already cleaned up the 1911, I will stick with it. If you had some experience with this product please feel free to leave me a comment below or hit me on Twitter with it. Watch for updates.

Frachitti wins at Indy Kahne wins at Charlotte

Dario Frachitti wins 3rd Indy 500. Frachitti passed Tacuma Sako, in the last lap of the race, to win the checkered flag.  Congratulations to him on his victory.

   Kasey Kahne took his third victory at Charlotte winning the Coca Cola 600.  NASCAR longest race. Congratulations to Kasey and the Hendricks racing Team for the win.

  Also a congratulations to Danica Patrick for her third finish running. I don’t care what Yeti says you are still the Queen of the Jumpsuit.