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Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is here

    It has been more like April early May here, WET.  The past 2 days have been cooler, but the weather liars are forecasting warmer air this week. I am sure I will have to mow again this week if the rains stop. I see the leaves are beginning to change also.  It has been good weather to sit inside and reload. After my last range day I had a pretty good pile of brass to run thru.   I recently purchased some red rouge compound to treat my tumbling media. Which is 50/50 walnut hulls and corn cob. I have treated with several teaspoons of this red compound. (Yes it will get on your hands.) This with a 1/4 cup or so of mineral spirits. Two hours in the tumbler and the dirtiest of my brass is sparkling. Not 3 hours with this solution and 2 more hours with another.  This is available thru B and B supply if you need anymore info contact me. I am not getting paid for endorsement but happy to share the info.  I got the primers out and began sizing and repriming. Sorting as I went along. Getting thru the pile and charging the powder in them I went to seating. Hour later, oh crap!  I'm out of bullets. This is in some case a bigger tragedy than being out of  beer.  I still have primed brass ready to go.  Why is it I have plenty of powder, primers and brass. Why does only one thing run out at a time. My case usually primers.  It's still crappy out, it's now dark and the range is closed even if I wanted to brave the cool air and moisture.  The local gun shops are are all closed for the day.  I probably could to get to the local Box Store (the ones with the geese) but it has lost it's appeal to me. They never seem to have what I am looking for.  I won't be wasting the fuel tonight.
   In the mean time I have ordered the Bi pod for the new carbine. The other add on's have been arriving and make this a fun project. I will post pictures soon.   I also see a local shop has been putting on or sponsoring a new Sunday event in the area. I think I will go observe next weekend,   One of the Cowboy clubs in Maryland would sometimes have a impromptu event after their Cowboy match.  Little bit different than the thundering smoked filled type of event I am use to. It's a shooting sport all the same.  I think I still have some black powder .45acp rounds left over ;)  Lets hope for nicer weather this upcoming week. So we all can get out to our favorite shooting places and enjoy the sport. till then I guess there's football. Oh yeah and beer

Another easy delicious dish

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