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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Run for the Roses day and Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Today is the Big Hat day here in the eastern part of the country. The run for the roses at Churchill Downs and the running of the Virginia Gold Cup near here in the The Plains. .  The who's who of the world will be attending the two events. I picked my horses for the Derby and planning on a light snack at post time. I'll let Bob Costas give me the stride for stride call. In the mean time enjoy the fashion and the Big Hats at both.

 My personal favorite here...come on it's me
 and don't forget this hat
 now more importantly to day is Cinco de Mayo....which roughly translate into everybody has whipped the French. The pageantry south of the US border and within the US has colorful as the two races.

  Just remember today the Hispanic country's to our south celebrate their freedom from the European Tax Collectors. The Horror of this scene maybe to graphic for the young.

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