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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Morning After

  It's the morning after the final chapter of this years Triple Crown Race. Was I disappointed in the out come? In short No. I did not have a horse in the bunch or was I connected to any of them in any professional way.  I was disappointed that "I'll Have Another" could not make it's bid for the title. Like I am sure millions of other fans were. ie: Remember Big Brown? It's all part of the game. There wouldn't be anything special about the title if it was won every year. It would be sort of like watching the Yankees play ball, calculated for results.
  Well today is another day and the horses will be loaded up at Belmont Barn #2 in the cool of the morning or last evening and hauled to the next track or back to the Owners farm. I know next spring to start watching and following the horse journals and start over. This is the part I like about it, watching these young horses develop and mature.

  In the mean time to get my fix on turning left and going fast, NASCAR action is still getting hot. I don't care for all the personal dramas that are associated with it. I do like the team work involved in winning and the craftsmanship of building the car.

  Today though, I am off to the Gun show. Where I do my best to stimulate the economy.  Then maybe some Wings at Hooters of some BBQ at Willards. Then off to work. Ya'll enjoy!

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