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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Pistol which one to buy?

New Pistol

  Over the weekend my shooting friend and I attended the Gun Show. The first table we normally stop at is by Taylor’s and Company. Since we both met shooting Cowboy matches and still enjoy the guns of the old west. Taylor’s has been a mainstay in the sport and has a great selection of reproduction firearms.  For a year or two now they have been offering 1911’s this being a popular class now in SASS. Known as the “Wild Bunch” category, I have shot this class and really enjoy the change. These models are mostly the no bells and whistles GI type 1911’s. I believe manufactured by Rock Island for Taylor’s.  In the same area of their display, they also had a 1911 framed .22 pistol by Chiappa. It felt really comfortable in my hand. Safety (hammer and grip) and other features were identical for muscle memory of the traditional 1911’s. Yet a bit lighter weight, but not significantly.
  Now at home for a couple of days and I feel the need for this in my collection. Price seems reasonable and I can’t begin to think of the savings on ammo cost.  So this morning I am cruising thru my favorite gun forums and run across a banner ad for Ruger. I clicked it. (Please click banner ads; you support your forums and bloggers this way) Uh ooh! I love my Rugers also. The link led to the Ruger Model SR 22.  Wow what a nice little gun, watch the video he will explain the features. This little gun appears to be across from many popular brands starting with a polymer frame. Ambidextrous features adjustable sights to mention a few. Again the saving involved with training and practice with .22 ammo the big plus. However this model comes with a heftier price. Come on Ruger does it really need to be that high priced?
  I liked both and am serious about purchasing one or the other. Which one do I really want? Anyone want to sway my opinion to one or the other? I like them both and I already shoot 1911's and Glock's.

Ruger SR 22 MSRP $399 From Ruger website

Chiappa 1911 .22 Listed at $299. Taylors and Company website

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