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Friday, July 20, 2012

Overnight in Colorado

   I try not to get to political here and I avoid News items. It's my nature! I can not sign into my home page, turn on my TV or my radio in the Jeep and not hear what mainstream Media has to push on me. I am not going to debate the future of Gun Control or the future of the Government. I can't offer a remedy or reasoning behind such hatred. I will stop here and offer my condolences to the ones who lost loved ones last night in Colorado and a prayer of fast recovery for those wounded in a sense-less melee of violence. May Your God look over you.


Shared thoughts from other Bloggers

Why I'm Not Commenting On The Shooting In Colorado

Robb Allen of Sharp as a Marble says it better than I could.
Like every other event for the past decade, the media seems to focus on being First rather than being Right. You’ll notice I didn’t qualify the media with “Main Stream” or “Legacy”, or “Dinosaur”. All media. Blogs, Tweets, forums, even chat rooms. Heck, my wife and I were talking about it this morning. I realized we were discussing things as if the information we had was pristine, accurate, and complete.

It’s not. And it won’t be for quite some time.
I don't have that need to be first so I won't be commenting on the how, the why, the who, etc. of the shooting in Aurora, CO other than to say that I'll be keeping the victims and their families in my prayers

Charlie Daniels Tweeted this earlier today

Get ready for the gun control bunch to start howling. If they have their way only thugs and murderers will have guns,laws dont effect them 

then added;

As part time resident of Colorado let me say how much I love the state and the people pray God will comfort you all at this terrible time.

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