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Sunday, November 4, 2012


   I can't urge you enough to use this freedom. That so many have and are willing to die for. This election may go down in History as more historical than the 2008 race. In 48 hours from now the polls on the east coast will begin to close. You'll wake up the next morning saying maybe I should have.  If you hadn't vote you wasted your individual freedom, and far I am concerned your right to Bitch about who ever is in office.  My candidate is not on the ballot. Yes I could right him in but it won't change the outcome so I have selected who I am voting for. Here in the Commonwealth there are some changes needed also. I won't be voting just on the presidential level. Come Hurricanes or Blizzards I will be at the Poll at opening time. I hope all who follow me will also. Remember our brothers sisters uncles cousins and fathers who have sacrificed for this so get your asses to the poll.


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