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Sunday, December 30, 2012


   The past 4 years have been filled with fear and panic among the Gun community. Be it sportsman- collectors- hunters. The most recent incident at Sandyhook. Where a madman unleashed his hell. Leaving a 26 dead in total. Mostly children and their adult caretakers/teachers. This undoubtedly is a very sad day for the Connecticut community and the families of all. This is also be a day that most caring humans will never forget. Unfortunately the Commander in Chief and senior members of Senate will use this as a political platform to push their agendas. Even thought their well rehearsed statements say how regretful they are. Are they really? I would like to believe that their hearts are filled with sorrow for the families. However in the same news article I read how the Feinstien and Obama have plans for further gun bans. Maybe tougher than the Clinton days. So finding these statements make me feel that a good coat of whitewash is being spread over the bloodstains. It appears that the their powers are closed minded to any other solutions.  They see only Black Evil tool. Not the sick and mentally unstable administrator of this most vile crime.
   I don't want to see armed persons patrolling the school. It would appear that we live in a police state. On the other hand our Government has had no qualms about sending our children to foreign countries, to assure madmen  don't gun down children trying to receive an education. Protecting women in schools and voting polls. Yet Mr.Obama doesn't want to have armed persons in our schools. Hey Barry! pull your head out of your ass. You don't think properly trained, uniformed and armed persons on the campus around the country won't deter more incidences and crime? Then start bringing our troops home from the Middle east tomorrow. Then when they are unemployed and their children are freely massacred in another school you can explain it to them. I don't always agree with the NRA but I do back them on protecting our Nations schools and campus's.
  In a Panic the Law abiding citizens flock to Gun shows -gun stores and online retailers and purchase everything related till the shelves are bare. In the meantime the retailers spark the fear by repeating the intend of our elected officials. Then doubling the prices. Because for some reason paying more these items will protect us better. It sure the hell boost some arms companies stocks the past couple of weeks. The Y2K effect on the "preppers" and the believers of the Constitution. The world as we fought to have is coming to an end.  The cost of Freedom has just got a little more expensive. So I guess if this is what will cost me, I too have been sucked in.
   Just remember we have warned you not to step on the snake.

Thanks for reading my rant. I know I am just preaching to the choir. In hopes to get a new choir member is all I am looking for. In mean time I found these videos on Youtube today. It refreshing change from us "Old disgruntle white guys." Please give his videos a look and  him a thumbs up. Why your at it give me one too.

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