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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Toy “Needs a name”

 Several years ago I found a couple of Cap and Ball revolvers in a Adoption Center near here. The price was reasonable for the pair so I brought them home. They were looking sad there at the Group Home. I played with them a bit and intended on using them for main match pistols. However I had never been able to complete an entire match with them. Sometimes even a stage was difficult. Finally one stopped working. It sat in the safe. So in a round about way it made its way down the South East part of Virginia in Ivor. (Don’t blink)  Where it met a master Cap and Ball gun hand.  Who would take on the task of repairing and tuning.  In the mean time I found a Reproduction 1860 Army Barrel and wedge, at a on line service. So I purchased it and then cut the barrel down to a inch ahead of the lug. Then sent it to Nate at Firearms Sales Inc. Nate was able to match up the barrel and modify the wedge.  Where I now have .44 C&B Pocket gun or a “Belly Gun”. Then in a few seconds I can switch it back to the 5inch barrel and return it to the Pocket Police style. I know Colt didn’t make them in .44 cal. This is a Spanish or Italian model, I won’t say clone. This morning after work I drove the 2 plus hours one way and picked it up, then left 2 more for a tuning.  Some pictures were taken and tomorrow morning early before the heat of the day gets here I will go test it out.
  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

If you have any ideals for a name let me know

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