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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Toy Part 2 Range Report

 New Toy part 2 Range report

    I was at the Overpriced shooting establishment near my home this morning. No plugs most Virginians already know who I am talking about. I went early at opening time. The temperature was already on the rise and the humidity will suck any O2 in your lungs out of them. I endure.  Shooting my snubbie, shot thirty rounds with it only one fail to fire. [b]That's 29 out 30,  [/b] cap fell off. Placed the same cap back on and it fired. The improvement Nate did are well worth every penny. I have to admit I thought the belly gun barrel would shoot low. At 7-10 yards (NOT EXACTLY SURE) It shot over the target. Point of aim at the bottom of the target got it at least on paper consistently. With the 5 1/2 in. barrel it again shot high but only 6 or 7 inches. Point of aim at bottom of paper placed rounds at near center. I should be able to make some metal sing with it now. At least I know I can get thru a stage without a malfunction. BTW I did not have to clean between loads either.

I am posting a few extra pictures and will explain the improvements. 
Click pictures it should enlarge the image

Picture 1
The pin behind the cap, this helps eliminate
the caps falling off. 
Picture 2
Better view of pin, also note the groove
to left of pin. This allows spent caps to clear when cylinder
rotates. Again eliminates any jams from the caps coming off.

Picture 3
Hammer notch has been deepened and slightly opened
to allow hammer to fall far forward. Then not pull the cap of
after firing.

Picture 4
Hammer all the way forward. With cylinder slack removed
and the hammer adjustments.  Fail to fire issues have been eliminated.
These allow the gun to be match ready with only human
errors to contend with

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